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Sales Growth & Retention

We strive to create a sales opportunity form every interaction driving growth and brand recognition.

In effect, we are scaling the customer’s team creating global coverage and demand elasticity.

Our teams conduct a multitude of sales calls, e-mails and online chats on a daily basis thus contributing directly.

Our proven record of accomplishment and services include:  

  • Acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Customer retention
  • Positive brand exposure
  • Average order value growth
  • Conversation targets
  • Close rates
  • Maximization of lifetime value

Customer retention rate is critical for businesses in order to achieve growth of profitability.

Our focus on customer motivation and movement trough the sales pipeline from lead, to closed, to onboarding

is in a professional,efficient and elegant manner that maximizes profitability.

We have succeeded in managing and optimizing numerous sales pipelines for our customers including support for:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer onboarding
  • Start and retention programs
  • Loyalty programs
  • Cross-sell activities
  • Up-sell opportunities